Exercise Library

There are many different forms of exercise available to be used in order for you to improve your cardiovascular (heart-lung) and musculoskeletal (muscle-bone) health during and after your cancer treatments. To assist you with identifying relevant exercises to use, and how to perform these exercises correctly, we have provided a library of exercises ( listing ) below, organised by the type of activity.

The images, videos and information supplied in this Exercise Library are designed to provide you with instructional insight and visual assistance with “how” each exercise is performed, and the type of equipment you may need access too. There are options given in these subsections which allow you to exercise from a Gym or Clinic environment, as well as a Home or Outdoor environment to best accommodate your needs and provide you with variety and alternatives.

The list of exercises provided here are not exhaustive, however do cover a large majority of exercises appropriate for most cancer patients. Should you wish to perform any activities not listed here, please ensure that you seek advice or clearance from your primary physician or from an accredited Exercise Physiologist who specialises in cancer management.

Exercises selected from this library can be used across any of your programs. However it is important to note that your individual program must be tailored to your unique situation, pertaining to your stage of prostate cancer and the types of treatment you  are  undergoing. If you have advanced prostate cancer with bone metastasis, we recommend you view our special program in consultation with your physician and an accredited Exercise Physiologist who specialises in cancer management.