Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), also known as Androgen Suppression Therapy (AST), is a type of hormone treatment provided to men, orally or through injection, to dramatically inhibit the production of hormones, specifically testosterone. This form of treatment is effective in reducing prostate cancer tumour growth or spread. However, there are numerous short-term and long-term side-effects, including:-

Short Term Effects Long Term Effects
Weight Gain
Reduction of Muscle and Bone Mass
Reduction in Red Blood Cell count
Decline in Muscle Strength
Male Breast Enlargement
Reduction in libido
Poor Quality of Life
Muscle, Bone and Joint Pain
Muscle, Bone and Joint Pain
Fatigue Fatigue
Hot Flushes

Exercise during ADT (AST):

Exercise has been shown to minimise many of the side-effects produced by ADT, and should be commenced immediately, and continue through-out your treatment. Your exercise program will be auto-regulated, which means your program can be slightly modified on any given day or during any given session, depending on how you are feeling in response to symptoms you may be experiencing through-out your treatment. Any exercises you do not complete in a particular session due to discomfort or illness should ideally be added to a subsequent session when you are feeling better.

When commencing your Beginner Exercise Program, it is important to consult an accredited exercise physiologist to receive appropriate guidelines based upon your treatment, condition and symptoms. Remember, exercise is very important to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue while increasing physical function and quality of life. Ultimately, exercise will help minimise your risk of obtaining other cancers or associated diseases through improved body composition and other health benefits.